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Personalized Genetic Testing

What do you consider to be the pros and cons of personal genetic testing?

As more and more commercial companies offer high-tech testing for your DNA, researchers at the University of Delaware are seeking insights into how this kind of test data will be used by you or your doctor.

If you have considered or have used a genetic testing service, we would like to contact you to discuss your thoughts about the process. Below is a brief survey with four questions.

Thank you,

Prof. Adam Marsh, Ph.D.
Ms. Annamarie Pasqualone, Ph.D. Graduate Student
University of Delaware


1. What is your primary motivation for genetic testing?
(Check all that apply)

Wanted more information about an existing health concern.
Wanted information aboout potential health risks.
Wanted information about history health risks I may have.
Wanted information about my genealogy in tracing ancestor relationships.
My test was recommended by a health care provider.

2. Was the information provided to you:

Clearly understandable?
Useful for your interests?
Worth the time and expense?
Surprising? Not what you expected?

3. What actions did you (or will you) take as a result of your genetic testing?:

Follow-up with a physician
More in-depth testing
Lifestyle changes

4. We are currently doing research on genetic tests that may be available in the future. Can we contact you about your thoughts/ideas on genetic testing? If so, please provide your email address below.

Please select SUBMIT to record your responses.