Animals Under the Ice:
Marine Invertebrates of McMurdo

Our underwater photographs of marine invertebrates can be found in the following two sites:
1. (Click Here) A diving photo log from one of my students, Michael League.
2. (Click Here) A photo archive has been deposited with the U.S. Antarctica Data Coordination Center for BO29 Dives. There are 557 photographs that are browsable, organized by sampling location.

A good resource for looking at the underwater animals in McMurdo Sound is the:

Underwater Field Guide to McMurdo Sound.

This web guide was put together by underwater photographer Norbert Wu and contains photographs of all the dominant marine organsms that one sees when diving under the ice here in McMurdo Sound. The web site is curated by Peter Brueggeman who is a science librarian at the Univ. of California, San Diego, and he has done an exemplary job of adding detailed information and bibliographies to accompany the photos.