MAST 634, Marine Molecular Science, Fall 2009
Adam G. Marsh, 645-4367,


SYNOPSIS: This course introduces graduate students in the College of Marine & Earth Studies to the essential biological activities that occur at the molecular/cellular scale in marine organisms. There are three primary components: introduction to protein structure/function, introduction to metabolic pathways, and an introduction to nucleic acid molecular biology. This course is a requirement for the degree in our Marine Biological Sciences program within CMES.

Course Syllabus:

Lectures are 0900-1030h on Wed/Fri; C202/R206

Fall 2009 Topic Reference Material
 02 SEP  Introduction     
 04 SEP  Ocean Origins   Delsemme 2001; Lunar Cataclysm ; Old Meteor Impacts
 09 SEP Thermodynamics,   Water!   VVP Chap 1 & 2; Clegg-Intracellular Water, Chaplin-NatRev2006
 11 SEP  Amino Acids   VVP Chap 4; Amino Acid Structures: ChimeAmino Acid Structures: JMOLZeldovich AA adaptations
 16 SEP  Protein Structure  VVP Chap 5; Law of Form EssayProtein Forms Essay
 18 SEP   Protein Catalysis  VVP Chaps 11 & 12;
 23 SEP    Carbohydrates  VVP Chap 8
 25 SEP     No Class
 30 SEP  Glycolysis   VVP Chap 14;  VMD 
  02 OCT   TCA Cycle   VVP Chap 16
  07 OCT    Electron Transport System   VVP Chap 17; Q-Cycle Cartoon
  09 OCT   ATP Synthesis   VVP Chap 17; Rotor Structure
  14 OCT   Protein Modeling Lab
  16 OCT   Mid-Term Exam
  21 OCT  Photosynthesis   
  23 OCT  Carbon Fixation  
  28 OCT   No Class
  30 OCT    No Class  
  04 NOV Calvin Benson Cycle  
  06 NOV    Lipid Metabolism  
  11 NOV    Protein Synthesis    VVP Chap 26
  13 NOV Molecular Modelling Lab   Class VMD Tutorial Page ;  another VMD Guide (PDF)
  18 NOV    DNA Structure   VVP Chap 22-24 Human Genome
  20 NOV   DNA Replication and Repair  VVP Chap 24 
  25 NOV   Gene Expression    VVP Chap 25 & 27
  27 NOV      Epigenetics     King & Wilson Science (1975)
  02 DEC       Biochemical Origins     Cavitation; Pyruvate Synthesis; Vent Chemistry; Mineral Crystals
  04 DEC   Project Presentations   
  09 DEC    Final Exam Due Course Evaluation Form
  11 DEC

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 2007 Student Projects

  Integrative Biochemistry