Life at McMurdo

Life at McMurdo Station, Antarctica is a little different than anywhere else I've been. McMurdo is one of the many international research bases in Antarctica, and one of three run by the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). McMurdo is located on Ross Island, adjacent to McMurdo Sound.

While it looks like we're right on the water, McMurdo Sound is actually frozen under 15 feet of ice. This sea ice is thick enough to run large vehicles on and even land airplanes. So, we're not really close to the water at all. However, every year, the continent of Antarctic shrinks are the sea ice breaks up and floats away. In the last few years, this has not happened in McMurdo Sound, but just maybe this is the year...

Below, I've listed some of the questions you might have about everyday life. By clicking on the question, you'll find the answer...

How did you get to Antarctica?

What's the weather like?

What do wear in weather like that?

How do you move around?

What do you do everyday?

How is sea ice different from regular ice?

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